QUE ES HOM? por Wm. Scott Stromberg

QUE ES HOM? por Wm. Scott Stromberg
Titulo del libro : QUE ES HOM?
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 5, 2017
Autor : Wm. Scott Stromberg
Número de páginas : 90

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Wm. Scott Stromberg con QUE ES HOM?

What is Hom? The mystery unfolds with intelligence and many art hints moving all of us towards a whole new wing of liberation.

-Hom is old
-Hom is young
-Hom is fun.
-Hom is not only for Internet use.
-Hom is nothing more than a word.
-Hom is so much more than a word.
-Hom is not only a game for editors.
-Einstein, Gandhi and Both Madonna's love Hom
-Cher hates Hom but Lady Ga Ga has no opinion
-Hom hates diversity
-Hom is piebald
-Hom is trans
-Hom is gay
-Hom is straight
-Hom cares passionately
-Hom couldn't car less
-Hom has many psychological ramifications
-Hom would never tolerate psychology
-Hom has a profound sense of fashion

So what is Hom? You need only read one sentence per page to find out and if you live to be a thousand you will never forget the answer and neither will president Trump. Each page is a guide for how to use the word Hom though celebrities may chose to make their own guide. You can't make a mistake.